We are very happy to introduce you our Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and our German Wirehaired Pointer.
Enter and visit us! You will know all about our passion .

Since 2001, we breed and develop the potential and qualities of both “Versatile Pointing Dog” breeds. Their particular standard is improved by
their sporting abilities and companionship. You will fall under the charm and the goodness of these marvelous hunting and companion breeds.

At Bourg Royal’s Kennel, Aim is to breed: “The Beauty and The Best! "Édouard Korthals” Philosophy.

"The aim of every good breeder is always to breed something better that what you have. If you lose sight of that, you might as well just forget it.

Janet Glenn, NB. CKC Déc. 2006

All our puppies are developed with an affectionate, honest and devoted temperament. Griffon and German Wirehaired are formed under our Philosophy: Companion at home and which will make you to get in family, good moments, relaxation, outdoor life and sportive way. Our dogs living with us 24hours and enjoy our activities all season of the year, without forgetting our autumnal hunting days.

If it’s for hunting, at home or to like a companion dog for your outdoor activities. You will be satisfied with a Griffon or a German Wirehaired Pointer. Our guarantee is based so that you will be happy to wait all hope, which you will place towards Bourg- Royal’s Kennel, our Griffs or our Wires.


Renée Fortier & Gilbert Tremblay,
Quebec City, Qc. Canada.