Our Kennel's History

Our passion began, 30 years ago. At the beginning, from fervent wildfowler with a Labrador retriever. We turned us to game birds in wood, marsh with a versatile gun dog; a Brittany and thereafter, an English setter. However, It became clear that the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, known for its great versatility would meet our future aspirations and our needs as well hunting as the house. The idea to have one “Wirehaired”, appeared around 1997, pushed then the obligation to replace our older Setter.

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and German Wirehaired Pointer are Versatile Pointing Dogs. They hunt and search at sight by all weather and all grounds.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is resistant, easy to train. He is "a enjoyed clown" at home for the children. German Wirehaired Pointer is honest, affectionate and asks a little better experienced handler to train because it’s very energetic, styled and intense. It’s a marvelous companion at home for the family.

He became essential for us to continue to hunt with dogs as much in the wood, in the alder and brambles that in the marsh or on border of the St Lawrence River.


Thus in 1997, Gallixe Duchasseur arrived. She became thereafter very useful hunting dog on which based the emergence of our Kennel.

Gallixe Duchasseur FD came from the Duchasseur Kennel’. Property of Steve Brodeur (Acton Vale, Qc). Steve has an excellent Kennel of Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, recognized quality and good genetic stock of French importation. In 2001, Steve required to use Gallixe like Dam on the name of the Duchasseur Kennel with Pipo De La Riviere D’Oe FD. From this first litter of 12 pups, several were characterized by their qualities from hunting and conformation. This 2001 Litter received, the distinction:
Natural Abilities Breeders Award " at NAVHDA. It was the beginning and our introduction relating to the canine breeding. Gallixe produced with Pipo; 3 others litter, (2002-04-05) produced 42 pups and a second "Natural Abilities Breeders Award" under Bourg-Royal’s Kennel name. Claude Boivin & Athyna Cambouris accepted with great affection Our grand grand old mother at their home and carried her until her disappearance in December 2008.

From this first litter, we welcomed a young female, a very talented WPG, Duchasseur Moustache in March 2001. This daughter of Gallixe and Pipo permitted us to live a marvelous passion and exciting moment of life.

Moustache was conduct by a remarkable ability to receive and progress on training. Its progression towards success delighted us unceasingly. She earned its FD & FDX titles all into the “Top 10 Canadian "FDT Chart" at CKC. IIts progression in NAVHDA test; NA II (108), UPT I (181), 3xUT I (204,201, 202) resulted in three appearance at “Invitational NAVHDA” in Missouri (2004) , in Ohio (2006) & Minnesota (2008). She was nominated "Dog of the year" in 2002 & 2003 at AQGAPD.

In conformation, Moustache was handled by Lyne Gagnon in 2006 and earned its title “Champion” in conformation at CKC. Since handled by Renee, she obtained "Winners' Bitch" and 5 points’ major at its first appearance in an American dog ring and this, at the National Specialty of the AWPGA, Hot Springs, Arkansas (September 2006). 3 other 3 points major « Best of Opposite, Best of Winners » earned at West Springfield Dog Show, Springfield, MA. An other one, « Best Of Opposite » at Fitchburg Dog Show, MA. She was AKC Champion at Fitchburg Dog Show, MA in 2007.

Moustache was breeded twice (2005-2006) with Vc Ch.Toulouse Des Bords Du Dan FDX, (Aline Tremblay, Saguenay,Qc.) The first litter of 6 pups in 2005 was qualified to receive "Award Breeders" at NAVHDA. Toulouse was "Hall of Fame" and "Field Dog of the Year 2006" at AWPGA. Toulouse is recognized like the youngest Griffon of the history to achieve such a precedent. Moustache was bred with Am/Can/Fcc Ch. Duchasseur Bayou FD. The litter earned an other “NA Breeder Award”. Finally, She was bred twice with Am/Can ch. Duchasseur Vino FD.

During the banquet of the AWPGA in Maryland 2008 she was honored for her brilliant career as hunting dog and in the show achievements: 2007 AWPGA Field Dog of the year, AWPGA Field Dog « Hall of Fame » & the prestigious « Captain Fracasse challenge trophy », First female in America to obtain its achievement for« Good & Beauty »

Her great talent and abilities helped us to develop our prospects bitch at the Kennel with : Ch.Bourg-Royal’s MV Memphis Belle, Bourg-Royal’s MVI Toscane & Bourg-Royal’s CSY La Dolce Vita. We imported from France in 2007 our Stud Dog : Ch Cyr des Hauts Chênes du Perche FDX. We also have our excellent versatile dog UT I : Ch. Bourg-Royal’s BG McKenzie FD. We co-owned his sister; Am Can Ch Bourg-Royal’s BG Soya FD with avec Claude Boivin & Athyna Cambouris.

Our German wirehaired pointer female, VC. Can Ch.Thunderhill's Crystal's Ice FD, arrived at the kennel in November 2001. She really was very styled, crimped with an exceptional precocious. At 7,5 months, she received a Price I (112) in Natural Ability at Navhda and at 10,5 months, Ice received a Price I in Preparatory Utility at Navhda. She received a Price I in Utility NAVHDA in 2005 and was qualified for Invitational NAVHDA in OHIO in September 2006. Ice was trained, prepared and handled by Mrs. Donate Thibault and passed successfully this High-level test. Ice earned "Versatile Champion" Title.


Ice came from Thunderhill’s Kennel in Wisconsin, USA. Property of Mr. Jeff Paulus. Jeff is recognized to produce one of the best line breed of German Wirehaired Pointer in North America. Its program of reproduction provided among best GWP with very good temperament. Jeff develops sociability, house living and very co-operative subjects while being of very good gun dog with a mid-size for the breed. Jeff have a lot of " Versatile Champion (NAVHDA) and MH (AKC)": The Thunderhill’s Kennel is based on Four (4) generations of ' Versatile Champion. Ice comes from the third repeat breeding (October 2001) between: NFC DC Ch. Jay-mar' S Blake' S Windczar SH and Thunderhill's Sassy.

CZSAR was the National Field Trial Champion 1997 and Dual Champion (Ch.Field Trial and Ch.Conformation at the AKC). It is a solid male of 60 pounds. It was recognized like one of the best stud dog of GWP breed. Ice’s Dam is Thunderhill' S Sassy. She was a marvelous styled bitch of 52 lbs. Its quality: Intensity. Ice was bred in 2005 with VC Smoke Creek Max II (Linda Bennett, Wisconsin) and produced a litter of 4 pups.

We imported in June 2007 a male from Oregon; Bone Points Foster FD. A litter with Ice produced 12 puppies and a “NA Breeder Award”. We selected : Ch Bourg-Royal’s IF Boris NA I & Bourg-Royal’s IF Greta NA II for our program. In a meantime, we imported from Nebraska in 2008 Ch. Scotian Smoked at Bourg-Royal’s NA I. Cheeckie is the daughter of NFC 2xNAFC AFC DC Tumalo Joe.

In 2007, we moved to Saint Lambert-de-Lauzon on south shore of Quebec City to breed and develop the potential and qualities of our versatile pointing dogs in our modern installation. The kennel was registered in 2001 to the CKC, NAVHDA, AQGAPD, AWPGA, CGWPA , CFGAPDK and with the REQ.



We live this passion in family. Our daughter, Sophie and son, Nicolas, support us. They are really good helpers during the arrival of the pups, their development and socialization.

There is no exact science or have magic receipt about canine reproduction. The "Natural law" leads us as much as possible to develop natural qualities of Versatile Pointing Dog and to reproduce them while being based on the standard of established breeds as well in hunting as in conformation.

We can advise you and give you a solid good health guarantee in order to develop abilities of your griffon or wires. We try to have a good follow-up and to keep the contact during the development of your dog and can advise you for basic training, hunting training and socialization. We test our dogs as well at the field and Versatile evaluations of practical hunting as in the Dog show ring to ensure a development centered on their double recognized standards.

We receive the assistance, advices and use the services of qualified friends. They push us to develop qualities of our young and adult and veteran dogs.

In the field and versatile training a special thanks :

Dominique Demers, (Quebec waterfowl) and Noëlla Denommé, pro trainers, for your love and your talent to initiate our Kennel’s dogs.

Donate Thibault (du Corbeau Kennel) for your training and handling passion of versatile hunting dogs. You push us to exceed and achieve us themselves.

Gino Albert for your excellent talent & motivation & help us in obedience.

Claude Boivin, Philippe Thomassin for your precious help to train and Handle.

In conformation and showing, a special thanks

Lyne Gagnon (MLM Kennel) for your perseverance and introduction to the dog show’ world . We filled with your passion and your eagerness to push us to produce a beautiful dogs. Also, your important support and caring during the arrival of a lot of puppies.

Lyne Mahar for your reassuring presence and to coach our anxiety, close to the dog rings.

Claudette Blackburn (Bayou’ owner) and Jean Lisi, you give us, the force and motivation to continue and to present our Griffons

Aline Tremblay (Owner of Toulouse) for your motivation to make us a performer and train our griffs and showing their qualities.

Julie Trottier (Stoneham), you gave us the base of dog grooming and confidence for the looking presentation of our Wirehaired in the dog ring.

Finally, thank to Steve Brodeur (Acton Vale, Qc) and Jeff Paulus (Wisconsin), Kelly Jobes (Oregon), Frank Levasseur (France), Michel Leroux (France) & Laura Reeves (Nebraska) to have allowed us good and beautiful dogs issued from the excellent development of your line breeding. Claude Boivin & Athyna Cambouris (St Nicolas) to opened your home and your hearts to our veteran and retired grand grandmother, Gallixe (1997-2008) and co owned our Soya. Michel Forest & Lily (New Richmond,Qc) To welcome, Coqui .

Renée Fortier & Gilbert Tremblay
January 2011