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  The German Wirehaired Pointer (GWP)

The German Wirehaired Pointer (GWP)
« Drahthaar»

VC. Thunderhill’s Crystal’s Ice FD. BRK 2006

The German Wirehaired Pointer is a very intense “Continental “ Pointing dog. It is considered as the most versatile gun dog breed in America and Europe.

It hunts on woodcock, ruffed grouse, ducks and geese. Also, It will track bunnies, hares or wounded game and retrieve them. The wirehaired coat allows them protection in harsh cover and rough conditions that most dog hunting breeds can't or hesitate. They are loyal for their owners. The German Wirehaired Pointer (drahthaar) is just a fun dog to be around and pleasant to hunt with. Intensity, desire, cooperation in the field, wood or marsh are their qualities. At home, fidelity and excellent temperament make him a good companion and family dog.


This breed was created in Germany at the end of the 19th century, At the beginning in Europe; "Deutsch Drahthaar" was not regarded as a pointing dog. The Deutsch Drahthaar was considered one of breeds of continental versatile gun dogs. This property reflects the variety of its utility. The GWP may be asked to perform such as blood track, retrieve on waterfowling and hunt varmint. However, in North America, it was recognized by the AKC and the CKC as versatile pointing dog as well as German Shorthaired Pointer, Brittany, Griffon , Vizsla or Weimaraner.

When the American Kennel Club officially recognized the Deutsch Drahthaar in 1959, its name was changed to the English translation and the word 'pointer' was added for purposes of classification within the US Sporting Group. The word "Deutsch" translates to mean "German", the word "Draht" translates to mean "Wire" and the word "Haar" translates to mean "hair". German Wirehaired Pointer is the literal translation of Deutsch Drahthaar (DD) into English. In America, the VDD/GNA group, is the official mandatory and preserves independently, the original standard of Germany including "Deutsch" Standard and hunting test (FCI).

However, in America, the GWPCA, CKC, AKC and NAVHDA continues to promote the importance of the "versatile" aspect of the breed like as conformation or practical hunting test. The North American Breeders developed a mid-size Pointing and Companion dog. (50-60 pds for the females or 60-70 pds for the males).

  Search for, locate and firmly point upland game.
Work both feather and fur with equal skill.
Retrieve waterfowl to the marsh or the river lately in season.
Be a close-range hunter, easily but with a strong hand to train
Be able to track and locate wounded game.
Be a devoted companion.
Be a guardian for its owner family and property.

Breeders worked to support and develop in priority the temperament in the line breed. GWP’s are devoted dogs to the family. GWP's are typically fun loving dogs. GWP's and kids do very well together. GWP’s make superb companion dog and a very effective ‘War’s Machine’” at hunt. The GWP is a popular breed for the hunters with dog in the United States or in the Western Canada. At east of the Great a lake is still rare or unknown. The GWP is destined to a good expansion because nobody could remain indifferent to its style “on Point” or its magnificence in a conformation’s dog ring. The few subjects evolving are more performers.

Its performances and abilities will be undoubtedly «let turn the head »

CKC Standard
AKC Standard

Vc Smoke Creek Max II (L. Bennett) & Vc.Thunderhill’s Crystal’s Ice
At 2006 NAVHDA Invitational (Ohio, US)
Renee, Ice, Best of Breed (Dec.06) at West Springfield
Dog Show

Vc. Thunderhill’s Crystal’s Ice FD on Point