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Our Korthals Griffon

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At the end of the 19th century, The Griffon Korthalswas created in Germany, by a Dutchman, Mr. Edward Korthals. Korthalsliked qualities of the Griffon type; Meaning, roughness and courage. At thattime, all wanted, to find or create a “continental” gun dogcomparable to British dogs. The Korthals’ reproduction program is an exampleand a model of genetics. Around 1870, Korthals built from 7 typified“Patriarchs”, a very homogeneous type of Griffon with wirehair. ThusKorthals developed a mid size gun dog with dense Wirehair, equipped with greatversatile hunting abilities. Today, a lot of dog breeders all over the worldcontinue to apply the Korthals methodology: “Produce beautiful and good dog”by keeping the purity type and refusing all out cross-breeding.

The standard of the Breed was established in 1887 and deposit in France. Since this time, griffon knows a popular success. The griffon was well established in Europe. It was established in America at the end of the 50’ years. The Quebec Association of WPG (AQGAPD) and the American Club (AWPGA) promote the WPG’ standard. In Quebec, the demand is growing in popularity like as sporting dog.

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a resistantand strong sportive dog. Shows it on all grounds and all times. Vigorous,courageous, it will not avoid by a dense cover. Griffon points with aneffective “Cat-Korthals” style and has an accurate nose. It’s anatural retriever thus showing his great quality to be co-operative. Griffon isthe perfect and practical type of dog for the active or weekend hunter on allseason and all grounds. Its double coat characterizes by a dense undercoat,which will give him its protection. The wirehair will give himwater-resistance. Annually, a little grooming will be necessary around thehead, eyebrows or the beard and a trimming of the died hair on the body too.

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is an intelligent and faithful dog, for its owner. He will be able to train it easily. Sometimes, griffon will be opposed by roughness training hands. Griffon is a mid-size dog, 45-55 lbs. for a female or 60-65 lbs. for a male.

Cheerful in any time, it will be marvelously adapted. Companionship and its funny character will do it an excellent housedog for the family and the children. With its very sociable personality, Wirehaired Pointing

Griffon is a devoted and enjoyed companion near the family and very sportsman dog for your outdoor activities. You will crack!! for a Griffs’head with their thick and protective eyebrows, its large brown and round eyes and its large furnish beard!