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Since 1983, I hunt with Versatile Pointing Dogs. I owned and used: Retriever, Brittany spaniel, and English setter. Since 2001, I breed, the Korthals Griffon (WPG) and German Wirehaired Pointer (GWP) under the affix “Du Bourg-Royal.”

In preparation of my retirement in may 2018, I initiated and developed in 2013, The Versatile Pointing Dog Training Center (CECAP ®), at Saint-Lambert-De-Lauzon, QC.

By choice, I welcome only a small number of dogs to better devote, train and educate the hunter and his dog following its objectives. I am trained out from George Hickox & Jim Dobb’s schools, USA. I promote the Navhda Training Program. I ‘m a judge in Trials and FieldDog Test at CKC. I’m a judge at NAVHDA (Versatile Pointing Dogs Test) since 2005.

 I’m able to provide training grounds, woodland. I also have access to marsh and have my birds for training. I have all modern accessories for a complete training. I developed  “ Winter Training Clinic Session” and given Spring Training Clinic at Local and Provincial Hunting Dog Clubs.

My Services

Full Time Training mandate. 

Private or group session. 


Prices: $$ /hrs. $$ / Session, $$ / Mandate.

Please. Vaccinations Updated(including Bordetella).

Methods used :

  • Clicker (Positive methods).
  • Introduction To 3 Actions.
  • Reinforcement with E Collar.
Beginning :

Includes :

  • Introduction of your dog hunting, wood and plain
  • In kennel and Human socialization
  • Basic Obedience
  • Pointing
  • Introduction to shot
  • The here or come command
The Complete training :

Includes :

  • The specific hunting obedience with transfer to whistle
  • The search
  • Pointing
  • Steadiness to flush, flying and shot
  • Retrieve: with its natural ability

Versatile Training and Development


  • Force Retrieve (Conditioning)
  • Water working
  • Drag

Preparation and Mentoring:

  • The CCC FDJ_FD_FDA_FDX and Trial. Program

  • The Tests to NAVHDA:NA-UPT-UT-INV. Program

  • Preparation for waterfowl hunting

Particular situation in Private consultation

Includes :

  • Gun Shyness
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Damagingbehaviors